Tuesday, September 29, 2009

You Keep Coming Back

Thanks for visiting and visiting again. 20,000 hits! I don't always have a story for you here, I sometimes point you in another direction and I even serve up reruns. But you keep coming back. Thank you.

Addie knows a little somethin' about sticking to it. I offer a representative sampling of the photos and video I took over an hour long period as she demonstrated how she learns things. Cate is an enthused and encouraging teacher. The right instruction is important, but exposure and observation laid on top of a fluffy and plush bed of motivation is where the magic is for my small wizard.

Addie hasn't actually hula'd to her satisfaction yet. But you can see that she intends to do so before long. Come on back. I'm willing to bet I'll have a camera with me when it happens. You know I'll be up here hollering about it.

Thanks again for 20,000!


Myssie@PendletonMarket said...

That Addie is a girl after my heart, with her sweet little skirt, blue leggings and rockin high tops....(sigh) I love that Hula Hoopin American Girl!!

Congrats on 20,000 hits!!

Kelly said...

Let me tell you...I want to eat that girl up! She is so cute and such a great inspiration for us. One day AnnaKate will be hula hoopin like that too!

Kelly W.

Kristi said...

Love it. She is the cutest ever.

Tarah Peacock said...

She is too cute, I love the Chuck's! Congrats on 20,000 hits!