Monday, November 23, 2009

We Interrupt this Program

... for the comings and goings of a budding socialite (Cate), for an overwhelming heap of details and pain (me) and for a series of naughty evidences of increasing cleverness, illness, and victories (Addie). Please excuse the distraction of your judges. We hope to convene at some point over the giving of thanks holiday to name our Found 50 Buck Act of Kindness winner.

Extend forgiveness a titch longer while I gratefully receive a root canal retreat this morning.

Thank you and a warm, hopeful Thanksgiving holiday to you.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Forgot to Mention It

...but I was at Hopeful Parents yesterday. Not as a particularly hopeful parent, but as a bearer of weight managing to lift hands over keyboard, anyway.

Still Unshod

May the real me - in new or old boots - return soon (that's hopeful, isn't it?)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

7 days

Just 7 days left to enter the contest described in the previous post. You know you've been thinking about it - submit your idea! Even if you don't think it's the prize-winning concept here, your idea may inspire someone, somewhere to act on it anyway.

Entries will be judged the week of the 16th. At some point that week, judges Catriona and Addison will announce the winner right here on FJC. The winner will find out his or her prize (additional to having the cool 50$ dispatched in their heartfelt and impactful way) and arrangements will be made for the big FJC Interview with a Winner! echo echo echo...

Game still on for 7 more days.