Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Heard It

Today I heard a phrase that floats around among others in my daydreams about Addie's life, about my squishy, ever-changing hopes for her future. It never made it to my daydreams about Cate's life because it was just an assumption for her - not so much the milestone I see it as for Addie. I heard it for Cate at some point, but barely registered it as more than the 3 word utterance it is.

Today Addie and I walked past the parked and waiting cars along the block of her school. I park a bit farther away so that she can get used to walking a bit, paying attention to the crossing guard's directions, and practice navigating with her backpack on.

As we approached the halfway mark, a car door slammed behind us. Addie usually stops and looks in the direction of each sound we hear, including cars passing, so you can imagine this walk takes a while. But instead of her noticing the slam, I was attuned to it for some reason. My ears were perked in that direction just in time.

"Addie! Addie!"

A frantic and excited voice emitted from the direction of the slam. Neither Addie nor I had time to turn around before the daydream phrase rang loud and clear above the accompanying sound of friendly running feet and a backpack bouncing up and down in rhythm with each step closer.

"Addie, wait up!"


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Terri!!!!! This is so special. My heart jumped for joy!

Kristi said...

A huge smile is on my face right now. That was truly a special moment that not every mom gets to appreciate.

Kerri H said...

That is so cool...I needed to hear that today..we need those moments! Thanks for sharing..touched my heart!

Jacqui said...

Love it!!!

claydj said...

Beautiful post.