Tuesday, February 15, 2011

To Raise

Late winter whips itself into a maelstrom of activity on large and small scales - from death to birth, to hellos and goodbyes, to political unrest, to the fruition of many months' work, to a new IEP on the table, to a building sense of trust and community, to a heart-shaped necklace for my baby...from a boy, to the repeated dawning that nothing lasts forever. But the gusting tempest has only so much power, for I doggedly clasp the rope of an old faithful anchor. That anchor is here, in an old post called Fly - recycled and renamed for HP. A photographic clue below before you click over to Hopeful Parents:

To Raise

Monday, February 7, 2011


As I yawn and bask in the very green, very gold victory last night, the February issue of Complex Child e-Magazine has landed. The focus of this issue is sleep... or rather, sleeplessness.

Check out the whole magazine, but click here for a retelling there of an old Addie story from a few years ago.

The Last Nap for a Sleepless Child

May this night bring you a solid chunk of end-to-end slumber.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Let Us Help You

In case you are ambivalent about today's Super Bowl, maybe Cate and Addie can help you decide who to root for...

Breakfast of (NFC) Champions

Mr. Matthews preparing

L'il Matthews

Trick or Treat

Speaking of treats

Relaxing with Sports Illustrated

Watching Baby have a tantrum

Big middle school fan

Father/daughter Packer Backers

Dagger! (Cheeseheads will get that)

Addie knows who the best team is. May the best team win.