Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Space Bag

My post is over at Hopeful Parents today. I nudge you over with the thought that if you've loved Addie since she was a baby, the post should ring a bell. If you have grown to love her in the past 4 years, you get to travel back in time and get our "diagnosis announcement."

Click here to give it a read:

Space Bag


Kristi said...

You truly amaze me Terri. Your out look on things is an inspiration to me. I know I have told you how lucky Addie and Cate are to have you for a mom.

Kelly said...

You were so strong! You have held true to the swimming more comment! Thanks for sharing! Kelly F

Kelly said...

Space Bag is beautiful...it made me cry...I get it...I understand.

I am so thankful for my RTS family!

Kelly W.

Kerri H said...

How beautfil you write..but you already know that..thanks for sharing..brought tears to my eyes..exactly the way Paul and I felt..but never were able to get the words and strength out to share w/others..wish we could have been better about that looking back now..you do such a great job w/the girls! Hugs!

Tarah Peacock said...

I have sat here not knowing what words to write that would express how this made me feel. I almost feel as if this was something I needed to hear today, I feel like a "burden" has been lifted or something. I feel a lot better and I am so happy you decided to share this with me today. Your words have given me a sense of peace. Thank you.

Christine said...

Wow... what a powerful message. You are my inspiration Teri. You and Michael are amazing! The way you write is always so beautiful and touching. The thoughts and feelings that I can't always express seem to be expressed in your blogs and that gives me a sense of belonging and understanding. You are an amazing mother and friend. Thanks for sharing this with us today.