Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What Goes on the Mantel This Year?

Uh oh. Picture day again. What's gonna be in frame this year?

I offer you a leapfrog list of links to picture days past. Yep, reruns.

Grandma's Mantel (picture day 2007)

Another Swing at Grandma's Mantel (picture day 2008)

Grandma's Mantel Graced (picture receipt day 2008)

We'll see what we get this year.

(We shall return to our semi-regularly scheduled full blog posts instead of links to elsewhere as soon as I find a couple more hours in the week somewhere. The school year is off to a fabulous start. Fabulous = busy as all get out.)

1 comment:

angie said...

It was picture day at our school today too....and I thought about you so much. I dread picture day because Emma's pictures never turn out like I think they should. This year I just sent her into the room to get her picture taken....and didn't think twice about it. If they come back good...FANTASTIC....if they don't....OK, I will be a little disappointed.

Here's hoping that both of our girls have Grandma's mantel worthy pictures this year:). If not....slippers or bubble bath will work just fine:).