Monday, May 4, 2009

DynaVox and Augie Nieto in the News Again

Like the Today show a few weeks ago, Fox News did a piece on Augie Nieto and his DynaVox VMax with eyegaze technology. A VP at DynaVox shows some of the units they make - the middle one in blue is what Addie has, though hers is lime green.

I look at Augie's empire each early morning I hit the gym, glancing at the Life Fitness logo repeatedly as I work through my strength training circuit. I take in the DynaVox logo each time my previously wordless child makes her thinking clear to others.

Two companies impacting my own life in hopeful ways.

Check it out by clicking below on Augie's name. Then send the link to at least 2 people you know that you think didn't realize that such sophisticated communication technology existed. Ask those 2 to do the same.

Augie Nieto

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