Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Addie's School Just Doesn't Care

I have posted a note or two that the school has sent us about what a rock star Addie is. Let me post our most recent notes to the school. This went to Addie's principal, her special ed teacher and her classroom teacher:

The clinic at Cate's school called me to tell me my 4th grader wasn't feeling well so I went to get her just before picking Addie up. Truth be told, Cate probably could have stayed, but as we're all winding down for the year, I didn't feel a need to be a hard nose about sick-enough-to-go-home criteria.

Cate wanted to walk with me from the car to pick up Addie. As long as she didn't share any cooties with anyone, I was ok with that. And as Lynn could see - Addie was more than ok with it.

We followed our usual end of school day routine, picking a few dandelions to go, saying goodbye to friends. Various kids said goodbye to Addie, joked with her, had this or that to tell her.

As we made it back to the car, my unusually quiet 4th grader had this to say:

"Mom, wait. Do they know about RTS [Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome]?"

"What do you mean, hon?"

"I mean, do they know that Addie has RTS? Do the kids and the teachers know?"

"Well, yes, they do know that Addie has a few differences."

"Hm." Brief silence. "But they just don't care?"

"No, hon, I guess they just don't care."

She hit the nail on the head. Addie has friends that know her, want to engage her, she has teachers who creatively empower her, have become experts at coaxing out the treasures inside her... just because she is Addie.

What a wonderful atmosphere of high expectations and inclusion - your school is a place where everyone is a full citizen, expected to contribute their talents and assets, while recognizing what others have to offer. I am so happy that Addie is a member.

Thanks for all you have done to make this year a beginning so much better than we dared imagine.

Terri, Michael, Cate and Addie

To which my husband more concisely followed up to them with:

What a wonderful testament to the community you've all created that Cate was genuinely unsure if anyone knew about Addie’s RTS because of how her peers and teachers treat her. She’s done so much and grown so terrifically this year that we’re looking forward to seeing what we all together can help her accomplish in the coming years. Thank you so much for sharing in the high expectations we have for our little lady.

It's true. They bloody well just don't care about anything except Addie's bubbly personality, her clever and strategic mind, her killer sense of humor, her friendly disposition and all the great things in her yet to be revealed.


Tena said...

That is wonderful. I had to admit, after your raving about them I was puzzled by the title of your entry, but now I totally get it. Add me to the list of those who just don't care. *hugs*

Terri H-E said...

The title was the same as my subject line in the email to school. Cate and I wrote it together and we decided it was an effective hook that would amuse them after they scurried to read the rest!

Here's to not carin'!

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Ok, so tell me how did you do it? Was it luck, did you go in on her first day and demand the best? Was it Addie charning everyone? I want to be the best advocate I can be, I just dont know if I will do the right things for Alex. You seem to know what to do, all the time for Addie (i know you dont),but you are who I want to be for Alex.
Come down here and teach me!

Kelly said...

I loved reading this! I am so happy that Addie has a wonderful place to spend her days away from home to learn and teach! We vistited Max's soon to be school yesterday! I feel much less nervous after seeing his room and meeting his teachers. Kelly F

Kelly said...

It is a true blessing that you have found such a special place for such a special girl!

Kelly W.

*Love that you used the title as the subject of the they got a good laugh!