Saturday, August 18, 2012

Number Signs

Michael's training run was 18 miles this morning.  He gets up quietly and we never hear him leave.  When he comes back we are still in our pj's.  He makes plans to paint the stairs and install some garden art his youngest got for her birthday.  He wants to get this done so we can go see some music at an outdoor festival in our community tonight.

His projects complete, he sits in the backyard at this moment, providing musical accompaniment to Addie's frolic in the pool.

If I had run even half that, I'd need the day to recover.  I would not be doing yard work, I would not be making evening plans and kid-entertaining would be less than voluntary.

But I think Addie and her dad must have had a chat about something last night.  Looked like they were deep in an exchange as they took a break from the lakefront festival we wandered through. 

Maybe she encouraged him to aim high. 

"This high?"

"Yeah, dad.  As high as you can."

26.2 4 RTS

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