Monday, August 15, 2011

Pool Party in her Pocket

My sweet mermaid,

Your radiant smiling eyes and constant happy song announce the never-ending party inside you. You are a great friend, an encourager, a seer of all things joyful. You welcome the guests in your life as though opening the gate to an 8 year long bash.

Happy birthday, my girl. I could not be more proud of the strong, powerful, beautiful, witty, kind, smart young lady you are. You have touched and changed so many in just these 8 years. Great things lie let's get back in the pool!

I love you,


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Happy birthday Addie!!!! We love you!!

Cindy said...

I cannot believe you are 8! You are so old and mature! Congratulations and happy birthday!

Your friend,

Myssie said...

Happy birthday to the Mermaid!! William and I love the pool party song too! We hope that you enjoyed your birthday!

Love you!
Myssie and her Merman! said...
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