Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Last 20

Through wet streets and a chilly breeze, this morning Michael ran his last double digit training run (20 miles)before the October 3rd Lakefront Marathon. This will be his 4th time as a marathon finisher, his 3rd time running to benefit the Special Friends Foundation. As of right now, he plans to hang up his shoes for the 2011 marathon to reclaim some time to focus on other things.

The Special Friends Foundation is important to our family and the families of so many impacted by Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome. When we first found out about Addie's diagnosis, Special Friends was right there with information, connections and support. I coordinate an annual reunion in the Midwest for RTS families, which is largely funded by Special Friends. These reunions have been critical to more than 25 participating families for 11 years.

This past summer we also got the chance to meet and learn alongside a larger group of RTS families at the 2010 Conference in Cincinnati. Hundreds of people attending a day and a half's worth of sessions designed to help us support our RTS kids (and their siblings)as they navigate through and pick their path in life. Special Friends played a large role in making this conference possible.

We are grateful for the organization, for the connections we've been able to make as a result. I am also thankful that Michael has devoted himself to using his endurance and strength to give back a bit. At this moment, we are just a few hundred bucks shy of having raised $20,000 for Special Friends over the past 3 years. We feel confident we'll hit the big 20 in these last few weeks before the run.

This would be impossible if it weren't for our friends and family, for the generosity of others, people who know people, people who support people, people with hope. It would not be possible without you.

Thank you, my friends and family. For acting on hope and on faith.

Click here to see Michael's page:
firstgiving - 26forRTS

(Addie offers her congratulations and a hug at home on the night of the 2009 marathon)

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Kristi said...

Amazing Dad and person to dedicate so much time to such a great cause. We are so very thankful and Noah wishes he could give you a hug too.