Monday, July 26, 2010

It All Started with You

You made me a mother. You turned "Michael" into "Dad." You led us through the boot camp of parenthood and tenderized us for the job. You make clear to us that there is beauty, hope and promise at every turn, that it is up to each of us to pick it out and savor it, to let other things fall away. I could not get through a day without you - an effervescent sprite sent to sprinkle her smiles and joy dust on everyone while reminding her mother what matters and what does not.

Sweet Catriona, I don't think I'll ever be able to find words for what you mean to me, what a remarkable young lady you choose to be.

But I'll keep trying.

Happy 11th birthday, my love. The way I see it, the beauty around you begins with you.


annette said...

My son Maison just watched this with me...not knowing who it was he said "wow! who is that? she must be special, what did she do" Then I told him who Cate was, that it was her birthday and that I knew her Mom. And he said "can you make one of these for me and Madison for our birthday?" So now I have to get busy and start taking more pictures. Nicely done Terri.

Carla Jaquet said...

Happy birthday Miss Cate!
You do know Terri, one day she will go off to college to a school in Illinois and she and Ryne will fall in love... or perhaps he in Wisconsin... (c;

Terri H-E said...

Carla - there are many things about the plan that are appealing - the good family the young man comes from, the proximity of states for grandchild sharing... now we just have to wait until Ryne and Cate understand their fate.

Kristi said...

She truly is beautiful and a wonderful sister to sweet Addie.. Great seeing you all this past weekend.

Sawyer said...

Happy Birthday sweet Cate! You truly are a remarkable young woman.

Test said...

Happy birthday cousin. You are a beatiful girl. Miss you love masha