Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Multipurpose Mom

(Found in drafts from July 21st - we are a trio of individuals again)
Some days I feel like Addie and I are one person again. On those days, our moods match, our thoughts match, inadvertantly sometimes even our clothes match. On those days we cannot be rent apart - we want to swing at the same time, we want ice cream at the same time, we feel like a stroll or a swim at the same time, we need a break at the same time. And we get cranky at the same time.

But today I am not the same as Addie. I am just the woman who will always bring her a cookie when she signs for one. I'm that lady that will unfailingly bring it and unfailingly ask for an "extra large kiss, please" upon delivery. When Addie sees the cookie, she holds out her hand and her cheek at the same time, not giving the kiss, but smartly willing to accept one, at least.

Today I am servant. Tomorrow I will be an extension of the boss again, I'm sure.

I miss Cate. Camp will be done soon and we'll be back to our usual kicking around together, the 3 of us.


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Hoping tomorrow leaves you feeling more in sync with Addie.
Bye the way, my "inner envelope" says boy....Its just what we make:)

Kristi said...

I know those days.. I only wish Noah would sign for want he wants at least. Its hard to figure out sometimes. We are working hard though. Hugs.