Friday, July 3, 2009


As the 4th of July has smacked us with it's hasty arrival, I think of all the words and phrases that come with the red, white and blue: independence, freedom, potential, liberty, out with the old/in with the new, possibility. But for me, it's not just visions of flags, marching bands and sno-cones called up this time a year anymore. Another day now comes to mind.

Forgive me for the rerun, but that is what summer is for. Please come back with me to a day last summer. It's a turning point of a smaller scale than the original Independence Day. Like the original, thoughts of this new independence day incite triumphant tunes to herald, fireworks to splinter... in my world, anyway. Click the link below to rehash the victorious day with me on this holiday weekend.

Gauntlet Retrieved

Addie's scoop and kick are even stronger now. Many similar conquests have followed.

Be safe, enjoy. Take up a gauntlet for freedom's sake.


Kelly said...

As we dipped AnnaKate in the pool today and her face lit up, I thought of the post when Addie swam. I can't wait for that day with AnnaKate. The water is also her true love!

Kelly W.

Terri H-E said...
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