Thursday, March 5, 2009

No Talking During the Movie (right)

I found this video in my camcorder, never downloaded. People have asked for some clips of Addie talking. I don't have many because generally if she's talking to us...we're listening and not capturing - still novel, you know.

This is from a day or two after Christmas. Addie had just chosen the movie Happy Feet with a gift certificate from Aunt Sharon. She was excited about the dvd, but missed school and her routine once the festivities died down.

It's hard to hear what she is saying with the device - speaker is pointed the other direction and my own loud voice will ispire you to turn the volume down - but she's going through her teacher's names and pictures. In her pining for school she decides to take a crack at boredom by asking me if we can go somewhere. When that doesn't pan out for her (it was about 7pm then), she looks towards the bathroom considering the consolation bath I offered instead. Ultimately, she decides she wants to continue watching the DVD, with some additional entertainment, please. Just before the video ends, she says "Let's rock out." This is a request for me to sing to her. The camera had to be turned off if that was to happen.

And I'm sure it did. She has a page of songs, some with actions, some in Chinese, some in sign. When she hits them, I behave like the trained monkey I have come to be, and perform at her whim. She likes hitting the buttons in rapid succession to see how quickly I can shift from the Hokey Pokey to a lullaby in Mandarin. Funny girl.

Just a little snippet of chit chat for you (please pardon my Midwestern's so clunky).


Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing..I love to see Addie talk!
Kelly W.

angie said...

That's amazing! She does an awesome job!! I'll bet that you do a great job rocking out too....maybe one day I'll see it:). Keep on rockin' mama...and Addie too!

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Oh I love this! "Lets go somewhere", I love that!
Miss you......

Brandi said...

That was sweet! She's got that thing down. It looks like she was really zooming through to find the right thought. Thanks for sharing!

Tena said...

Fabulous. It's wonderful to watch this as things were so completely out of the norm this past weekend so I didn't get to see her using it. I love this!