Monday, January 26, 2009

Beautiful Fighter

Sweet Bella Guerra, Addie's RTS "sister," commended her spirit to forces outside of this world yesterday. Bella was to turn 2 on February 16th.

If you pray, pray for her family, her mother Monica, who has had such a trying time these last few years. If you are not the praying kind, just be grateful today - in Bella's name, make the most of it.

Her first name means beautiful, her surname, I believe, is a derivative of fight. She and her mother are indeed, beautiful fighters.

To see photos of this little princess and hear more about this beautiful girl, please visit the blog "Our Journey." The Hudson family (whose son Frankie is Addie's RTS brother) have seen Bella's family through these last few weeks and exemplify what real friendship means.

Our Journey

Hug your sons and daughters today. As you do, lean in to listen to the pattern of their exhale and inhale. Match your own breathing to theirs, just because you can. And then thank whomever/whatever you believe is responsible.

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Kristi said...

tears are flowing again. The day I heard of Bella's passing all I did was hold and kiss Noah. I am so grateful and yet so sad for Monica.