Friday, August 15, 2008

She's a handful...

...of fingers to show her age. Addie is 5 today. And she can already answer the "how old are you" question with her chubby little digits held up.

It's been a remarkable 5 years - some of which felt like 20 years during the rare worrisome times, but most of which feels like 10 minutes during the prevailing joyous times. We could not be more proud of our little fighter, thinker, charmer, schemer, swimmer, smiler, walker, signer, joker, rocker, lover, encourager, believer.

We celebrated with double chocolate muffins for breakfast (she was dazzled at first, but ultimately a little nonplussed by the exclusion of frosting) and then, of course, a few hours of swimming. Tonight we will all enjoy her favorite food: dad's homemade seasoned beans and rice. She'll blow out candles for the 2nd time today, hear the traditional song for about the 30th time today and then let loose on a cookies and cream cake. She'll open a few presents and then head to the bath/bed routine.

Vacation tomorrow! We'll post some stories and pictures when we return.

Cheers to you my girl, my hero. Today and every day is yours for the taking.


Cindy said...

Happy Birthday, Addie! I'm glad you have such great parents and sister to help make this day and every day special.

Love, Natalie

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Happy birthday beautiful girl!

Sawyer James Peacock said...

Hi Addie we hope you had a great birthday! You are so cute. Have a fun vacation.

Kelly said...

What a great way to celebrate a precious little girl and all of her accomplishments!

Myssie said...

Happy Birthday Addie!! It sounds like you had a pretty great day.

Jacqui and Lloyd said...

A big happy 5 year old birthday to you Addie, and a big well done to your family for creating an environment for you to grow into the beautiful person that you are!!!