Friday, November 23, 2012

Not My Foe

Day 2: Holiday Running Streak

31 degrees, high winds, wind chill in the teens

Advised to run north/south as winds race from the west, I was fairly comfortable in the middle of suburban blocks, only feeling the brunt at the corners and in the middle of each street as weighty wafts swept in from the west.

Before long, the wind switched and churned frantically, surprising me with its swift slaps from unanticipated directions.

OK. I won't let it chase me.  I'll run straight north and bear it.  This is to be a short run after all.

It railed on. The menacing hum and shift had tentacles wrapped around my knees, reaching down my throat, taunting my lungs.  Tempest tendrils reached under my hat, lifted my earbuds, drowned the music. 

Once my attention was absolute and my stiff knees slackened, poised for surrender, Wind whispered in contradictory baleful howls,

"I am not your enemy."

I am not your enemy.

We finished in constant company.